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6 Ways to Eliminate Kokona in Yandere Simulator - wikiHow

This unlocks the matchmaking menu. This increases the multiplier boost during the matchmaking interaction. Expulsion is when you get your rival expelled, and matchmaking is when you make them fall in love with someone else other than your Senpai. Since Kokona is a social butterfly, she will happily pose for you. The player must tell the rival before the suitor or else the option to tell the suitor will be unavailable.

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The player will still have to perform tasks to be their friend. As the rival begins to fall more and more for the suitor, her interactions with him will change slightly. If you push to the dumpster, grab a garbage bag, put on her and close. Drag the corpse to the incinerator. Select Old-Fashioned Fundoshi panties in the morning.

How many points a good action gives depends on a multiplier. The more physical traits that the suitor has that the rival likes, the higher the multiplier. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. When complimenting the rival, the suitor must pick the correct type of compliment that displays common sense and suits the rival's personality.

Matchmaking suicide

Did this article help you? You must take five panty shots, use them to buy a clean uniform, and then modify it in the sewing room. Collect the Cherry Touch manga and read as much of it as you can each night.

Go to your basement on the next day only at daytime and record her. Memorize what she likes and dislikes. This allows Yandere-chan to advise the suitor on what negative or positive remarks to give when he is interacting with the rival. If you do not get arrested, you have successfully eliminated Kokona.

She will always kill Kokona and then kill herself. On Monday, take a panty shot and go to Info-chan's schemes. If you did all of this without getting caught, the police will not even be called. The matchmaking interface.

Matchmaking suicide

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Listen to Kokona's conversation with Saki. This raises your seduction level, thus making it easier to matchmake them. You have successfully eliminated Kokona. To do clean you must fill the bucket with water, grab a Bleach bottle which you can get on the Gardening Club by pickpocketing Uekiya Engeika, dating do it right or you will get lower you reputation.


Matchmaking suicide

On Thursday, take four panty shots and purchase the Frame For Panty Shots scheme, and follow the instructions. If a rival is attracted to intelligence, then Ayano must study with the suitor, increasing his wisdom, which he can then use to impress the rival. On Wednesday, take three panty shots and purchase the Frame For Smoking scheme, and follow the instructions.

Purchase the Expose Dirty Secret, and follow the instructions. If Ayano manages to figure out what features the rival is attracted to, she can advise the suitor to change his appearance based on what the rival is attracted to. The suitor will see this note and rush off to see the rival.

Matchmaking suicide

Give her a weapon, select to anyone to kill and she will kill herself. If it is concealable, put it away, and if not, put it in the room you plan to use in the next step. Ask Kokona to follow you, and bring her to a private room with no students, no teachers, no Senpai, no Student Council, dating ect.

Select Girly Pink panties. This article will teach you how to eliminate Kokona without debugging commands or easter eggs. Talk to Riku and ask him if he has a crush on Kokona. Each action can be performed only once per day.

  • Dump her sleeping body into the box.
  • Leave a note in Kokona's locker, asking her to meet you on the rooftop to talk about domestic abuse.
  • You have to tell Kokona first or else you can't tell Riku.
  • Make Kokona follow you and walk past the kitten outside.
Matchmaking suicide

Buy the Q2 Red Paper

Give her the rose from earlier. This is not a required step, but it is recommended because it gives you extra study points. In the matchmaking interface, to increase the rival's affection, the suitor can either give a negative remark, a positive remark, a compliment, show off to the rival or give the rival a gift. Ayano must then complete a task for the suitor to gain his trust. Listen to Kokona and Saki's conversation on the rooftop at lunchtime on Monday.

Matchmaking suicide

Take a picture of Kokona and send it to Info-chan. Certain rivals would prefer a romantic compliment to a vulgar one. As she now has a boyfriend, she is no longer into Senpai, so you have successfully eliminated her. Watch the cutscene between Kokona and you.

Matchmaking suicide
  1. Find out what Kokona likes and dislikes.
  2. Wait until Friday, and Kokona will confess her feelings for Riku.
  3. Once both the rival and the suitor are at the east fountain, Ayano has to hide behind a nearby tree and give the suitor advice while he talks to his crush.
  4. There, offer help to talk with Kokona.
  5. Shower in the shower room and put the bloody clothes into the incinerator.
  6. Playing cupid is a non-lethal method to eliminate a rival in Yandere Simulator.

If she names his crush correctly, the suitor will then ask her for advice on how to win the rival's heart. Activate the incinerator when you are done. Tell him to have slicked back hair, glasses, and piercings. Cookies make wikiHow better. Recommended Press the laugh button, many times if your sanity is getting lower, without the teachers, Senpai and others to notice you or you will get instant game over.

The next day, torture her until her sanity reaches zero. If this goes successfully, the meter at the top will fill up. Compliments that a suitor could use.

Then, Ayano needs to befriend the rival and use the Court option to tell the rival that someone wants to meet her at the east fountain. Avoid teachers and Senpai at all costs. Repeat the previous five steps each day until the meter is full. You can write the note by going to her locker. On Tuesday, take two panty shots and purchase the Frame For Theft scheme.

Take Riku to the library to study so that he can boost his wisdom, which Kokona finds attractive. If you did only the required steps, the police will still come, but you will not be caught. Write a note to Kokona to meet you on the rooftop to talk about domestic abuse, and then offer help when you see her you do not have to do anything past that. This can also be done with any female student if you either do their task or read all five Cherry Touch novels. When they are both at the east fountain, hide behind the tree and tell Riku what to do.

Panda hugger or panda slugger Our 2020 Presidential Election China Tracker

During the cutscene, online free press F and you will successfully eliminated Kokona. Multipliers will cause a suitor to earn more affection with his crush. Sometimes the delinquents guard the incinerator between break times. These changes will not take effect until the next day. Go to the rooftop on Monday at lunch.

Matchmaking suicide


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