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F.B. Rogers Tea Set -- Is It Silver Plate or Sterling Silver

Since I do not know the difference between silver and silver plate I thought this would be a way to confirm. Nickel Silver Co absorbed by a Rogers company? Katie Scott - Holland, Michigan. Certain alloys, referred to as Venetian silver and Nevada silver, consist of nickel and silver. Like many other things Silver went through styles that help date the period.

Antique Silver Plate Price and Value Guide

Silver Plate Pattern Identification Guide Centennial Antiques

  1. An advertisement claiming the superiority of Wm.
  2. If you want replies shell out money for an appraisal company.
  3. How do you tell the difference between silver versus silver plate?
How Do You Identify Wm Rogers Flatware Patterns
F B Rogers Silver 1883
1847 Rogers Brothers Silver Plated Flatware

How to Identify a Wm. Rogers Silver Plate

Dating Antique Silver Hallmarks
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F.B. Rogers Tea Set -- Is It Silver Plate or Sterling Silver

In which states were the factories located? On the back there is a sticker that I can partially read. Can you tell me the company and how much it might be worth? Al and a Rose on the front and back. It gets a bit murky with acid testing when you have less then sterling.

What is the Double Plated and what is the worth compared to plated? My understanding is it is mid to late s antique as explained to me when given as a wedding present. My grandma had it, then my dad and now me.

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How to Date Rogers Silver

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This can help you lookup the pattern. Any information would be helpful, its either a bridal basket or cake. American Solid Silver Early U. The photo above shows an F. The pattern you have is a fairly common one that was made by many many makers and usually does not have a special name.

If needed, I can send you pictures of it. From Tim in Pacific, Missouri. Also have creamer, sugar bowl and a large serving tray. Sometimes due to the life ti has had a silverplate object loses its plate and can no longer be polished to a high shine.

It is just a small record of my experiences, hunting, researching and playing with silver and silver plate. Thank you so much for the reply. Your item was made by a silver plate company but is not plated it is a unique alloy created by the company and was sold as a lower grade item that skipped the plating process.

Rogers in a rectangle Made in Canada. Hi Paula, Unfortunately since we do not specialize in the hallmarks of silverware, dallas it is hard for us to say what you have is sterling or not just by the descriptions you gave. This tray is probably piece of hollowware that matches a pattern in their silverware. The piece in question is a silver tray on pedistal base with ornate side handles and swing handle.

F B Rogers Silver 1883

Do either of these markings indicate sterling? It might be a small ladel. Is there a way to check if silver is real or fake? You can find many different kinds of silver in the marketplace today.

  • The other is marked Wilcox Silverplate Co.
  • That you very much in advance for any info you can help me with.
  • Hope that helps, good luck!

How do I know if my set is sterling? Please email or post your answer here. Sterling is usually lightweight. Inside a shield like a police might use with below it Any thought about value? This will give you an approximate age range.

1847 Rogers Brothers Silver Plated Flatware

Does anyone know anything about this piece? Please contact me telling me where I could send them to if you are interested in these items. Home Latest Updates Forum Valuations. Can you tell me when these pieces were made? This is the founding date of Rogers Brothers that they include in the hallmark of all their silverware.

Hello, I am trying to collect the Rogers Bros. Hi Sonia, It really depends on the weight of your piece and if you know for sure if you have sterling. Many of these marks ended up being owned by two major companies International Silver Company and Oneida. Early american silver, english silver and european silver and here I mean sterling silver may not be marked sterling. Then weigh pieces that may be weighted or filled with other material or have stainless steel blades, like many knives.

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Otherwise for non-sterling, check to see what items are going for on eBay to get an idea about the value. Look for similar items in the same style by that manufacturer. However this will not work if the silver plated was coated with platinum.

If you look up the pattern you then know when they started being made. Found something similar at a store. Throughout the years, dating websites hartlepool the company used different marks.

Although they're solid metal rather than plated, they contain less silver than sterling pieces. Do you have any idea who makes it and what it may be worth? If all your pieces are sterling we are looking for the weight of just the sterling silver. They are in all likely hood silver plate. Rogers Silver Company serving tray.

How Do You Identify Wm Rogers Flatware Patterns

It is quite dark in color. Then contact us with the weights of the pieces that you know are sterling. Any idea if it's sterling or silverplated, how old it is and what it's worth? As mentioned if the produce does not have Sterling on it this means it is not pure silver.

Hello, I posted about two piece of Rogers Bros. Before absorbed West Silver Co. We would need to know the exact weight of your sterling silver.

Rogers on the back also the number Is this number a pattern no. This is a response to Eric Spain. Some one can help me with this? Even though the other pieces are still good, should we have the entire set replated? But the length and relative handle, blade size do not match.

In most cases the pattern would help in dating but this one does not. Rogers Silver Co on the pot only. In William Rogers left the partnership and the business was transferred by Asa Jr.

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