Dating ideas in mumbai, 13 very romantic dinner date ideas for two

My perfect date night idea would be renting a private yacht or shared to cruise the sea while watching the sunset together. Remember that this is an extremely crowded city with terrible traffic and the public transportation is not very good. Bayview, Colaba If cheap alcohol is your thing and you don't mind the view of the Arabian sea, this is one place you should definitely try out.

13 Very Romantic Dinner Date Ideas for Two

If you're a health-freak and a stickler for organic stuff - Birdsong is your spot. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Click here to see which one suits your date night idea the most. It might be a special day or occasion and you need to spice it up. Go to photography exhibitions, abstract art showcasing.

But for any other date too, a standup comedy dinner date can give both of you a lot of laughs and a good time. On a helicopter of course. The view is breathtaking, trust me. This is as simple as it gets.

If you are looking for more cities to visit in India to meet girls try Pune which is only a few hours away. If you want to sit back with your date, enjoy fine food and drinks and indulge in a footsie under the table, this is the place to be! Hunting for clues throughout to solve the mystery? Often times when you travel there will be many women who want to date foreign men and you will be at a great advantage.

Light candles in your backyard and place a few candles on a small cozy table where both of you can sit down close, share food or dessert and have a long conversation about the new romance. Take her on a Helicopter Ride of the city. Your romance will definitely bloom!

Or for something outside of the box head over to Karachi in Pakistan. Think you're a good singer? Well, you could complete your aspirations by visiting The Amazing Escape. Dome, situated right on the Marine Drive-stretch offers the spectacular view of the Arabian Sea and posh surroundings for you to enjoy your evening as the sun downs on you and your partner. If you and your partner fancy spectator sport as a date, then you might want to try this out.

30 Amazing Places In Mumbai You Must Head To For Your Next Date

  • If you're the academic type couple, you might want to head to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalya - in other words a museum showcasing the history of Mumbai.
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  • This is my own unique kind of date.

You can choose from a variety of different planes and fly them in the simulator. If you and your partner like having a good laugh, this could definitely be one splendid date. If it is hard to pull drunk girls from singles bars for a one night stand it is obviously going to be much harder to pull them when stone cold sober going through their daily routine. The ambiance is quite classy, and the food super delicious. This is a simple and easy date, and depending on your culinary skills, you can make a memorable impression too.

At the end of this post we will be sharing some travel tips and advice on what dating in India is like. Before we get there we will start off with the best nightclubs and pick up bars to meet single girls in Mumbai, talk about meeting women during the day and also online dating. As far as the dating culture in India goes we think we have already mentioned most of what you need to know.

You could even enjoy drinks and have a romantic meal as the sun sets over the sea. Someone once said that the journey is far more important than the destination. What could be more dope than surprising your date with a tour of the city from a different angle?

Date Idea 1. Marine Drive

Entrepreneur in the making. Things are going to be overcrowded, polluted, the traffic is awful but it can still be a really fun place to visit. Why not fly a plane together and become pilots for the day. Try and have them cover the bed with roses, dating cuz girls like cheesy shit. The odds of an insta-hook up are basically non-existent.

Dating in Mumbai Here Are Some Inexpensive Date Ideas
  1. Are you a theatre aficionado?
  2. Fret not your bro is here to save your ass.
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  4. The odds of you walking up to a random Indian girl in Mumbai during the day, chatting her up, and getting a date are slim.
  5. Home to some of the best gigs in the city, stand up performances and the yum food is just the added bonus at Blue Frog.
  6. Or are you cool with making a fool out of yourself in front of your partner?

This can be a very interesting option for those who like to immerse themselves into Arts. It also has a pretty hip cafe, if you feel like chilling in the food and drink area. And just a word, this can be a wonderful lunch date idea too. Go out, explore the outdoors, go on a trek, go to an amusement park.

Date Idea 2. Ice-skating

Woodside is your perfect spot. And what better place to get her pampered than to take her to a resort in the lap of luxury. If you get tired - you can chill with a drink at Leopold Cafe or Cafe Mondegar and munch on some tasty food. If both of you have some time on your hands, online dating latin america head out early in the evening to a great place an hour or so away from your area code.

Instead she prefers to hop, skip and jump through her perfect, beautiful life. Swag Also, Pogo sticks if you will. It has to create the essence of romance.

Go around the town shopping or just lay in bed all day testing your stamina. Prithvi Theatre, Juhu Are you a theatre aficionado? Holding her hand or grabbing her booty while watching the sunset. Well, this can be just perfect!

Dating in Mumbai Here Are Some Inexpensive Date Ideas

For the Foodies

30 Amazing Places In Mumbai You Must Head To For Your Next Date

Perfect romantic dinner date ideas for two need just a couple of things. As far as date night ideas go, you could always go for one night over the weekend and return the next day. What are your favorite date night ideas with your date? This is a one of a kind place in Mumbai, at the moment. Taking a girl to a show at the Royal Opera House on your Mumbai date night could earn you some big time brownie points.

Thank you for Subscribing to ScoopWhoop Notification. That site is all about hooking up, niche online not finding your soul mate. It's an excellent idea to take your date out for a late-night coffee at Marine Drive as you sit there and the breeze hits your face. Walk down a food street and eat anything that catches your fancy.

Best Places To Meet Girls In Mumbai & Dating Guide

Enjoy Dating Mumbai Girls

There are tonnes of places to explore, and it's better if you keep it slightly unconventional apart from only meeting over meals. Famous all over the city for its pastries and other desserts, this is a great place to head to after your meal in town. You both can have an amazing time at the spa or the pools, over there. This can be a perfect date to bond and interact without any difficulties, however shy you may be. Dress up in regular casuals, pick up a pizza along the way and head out to a romantic place, be it a cliff or a calm street with a view of the playgrounds.

8 Unforgettable Date Night Ideas in Mumbai

Do you want to plan a memorable dinner for a special someone? It is so unlikely that either happens that it truly is not even worth your time to try. Head to this place by taking a look at their gig calendar!

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