Asin neil nitin mukesh dating, asin dating neil nitin mukesh

Neil Mukesh and Asin dating each other

If Neil is telling the truth, then Asin definitely does not deserve any praises and instead I will lose all my respect towards her as a human being! How can you know for sure that Asin is responsible for this? Asin should clear up this mess. Please - it's not always the woman who is committed and a saint - women can be ruthless as well and under the circumstances Neil has shown a lot of restraint and class by only saying this much. This is the difference between Neil and Ranbir.

Neil Mukesh and Asin dating each other

Ladies should steer clear on losers like him. At least if she had talent or totally gorgeous looks I could give her some credit but she is such a plain Jane and can only overact. You can tell she's ambitious and will do anything to become a superstar. Have you ever cheated on anyone? He shouldn't have said all that about his friend Sonal either since he's never even discussed how he felt with her!

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They are very ambitious people and they puts nothing before their goals. She has a rather bad repute in the South. But yes Ranbir didn't cheat, he just leave her as the same as Neil.

Why would he use the media to put pressure on her while she has not even reciprocated? We are letting life take its course. And these people are actually very good career wise and mostly achieve what they set to. She is not for drama and putups as in bollywood ways. For them career is Paramount.

See her smooching up to the new ones in Bollywood after she had done the same to people down south. He seems like a genuine loving guy who is looking for a honest simple Indian woman. Did you try to salvage your earlier relationship? What guy openly talks dirt about a girl he supposedly liked? Sumalatha has a special message for Darshan and Radhika.

It'd be so embarrassing for her! The film industry is not a place for nice, honest, decent, good people. When she has more successful men, both from North and South traipsing around her, why would she hitch her wagon with Neil? You can change your city from here.

Neil Nitin Mukesh not dating Asin Thottumkal

Theres only so much he shud reveal to the media. Well, in my mind we are together. Then Deepika got asked by the media about it, carlos xuma online dating that must have been pretty awkward for her! His mouth is even bigger than Vivek Oberoi's.

Neil Nitin Mukesh-Asin's split? Kudos to Neil Nitin Mukesh! Most of us didn't know for sure that they both were dating for such a long time. Since then, there has been no communication between the two actors, who started out as friends and later began dating. Its as if she really knows what she wants and what to do to get it.

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But I do agree that personal issues should be kept personal. Asin is no Sita mata either. How do you know what he said is the truth?

Good Asin was out in good time. This guy is a psycho I bet he was chasing Asin like crazy and wouldnt take no for an answer, and she had to act aloof to get rid of him and he eventually got hurt. There are two sides to a story. If the previous girl didnt want commitment, how could he be in a serious relationship? At times a person may something and the other may take it another way.

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Neil Nitin Mukesh-Asin s split

More men should learn from him. Now that kind of attitude obviously ain't working in bollywood. Well no wonder they say that the truth is always bitter! But the real trouble began when Asin started getting close to Salman Khan. You were never spotted with her anywhere.

Neil Nitin Mukesh

Asin dating Neil Nitin Mukesh

Being stupid, I went back to her, only to get more hurt, this time by both her family and her. Then suddenly they stopped taking my calls. And pray tell Schmuck, how'd u know about Asin's repute down South? He's out to prove something, and he definitely has an agenda.

Think and it all becomes clear - and Neil's statements though bitter are the truth. He sounds so insecure and whiny. Knew there was something fishy about this girl.

  • There should still be some level of respect.
  • He said she slept around and never acknowledged him in public in front of friends and other people while they were dating.
  • Poor guy will get into a lot of controversies.
  • This clearly shows that he has not moved on.

Neil Nitin Mukesh

Asin & Neil Nitin Mukesh

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How long were you in the relationship? How any girl he ends up will have to live with his parents. But she pretended, that she loved me.

Ganesh-starrer Geetha's digital rights sold. Seriously, breakups are always bad otherwise it wouldn't be a breakup. They made it really dirty. She deserves someone much better.

That's why Dhoni had that impromptu wedding once Sakshi found out. What a freaking moist loser. His Simi show was bizarre and he came across as super posessive. All Bombay Times print stories are available on.

Very nice and blunt interview. But no one has the right to hurt people. She never wanted to meet my friends. Asin just joined bollywood, templates matchmaking asking for a commitment this early was overexpectation!

Neil Nitin Mukesh not dating Asin Thottumkal

Anant Mahadevan plays Karamchand Gandhi in a trilingual film. She got a very clean reputation downsouth. Regional films give actors the liberty to experiment with roles, says Deepak Dobriyal. Too much information dude!

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